Caulipower drives in-store purchases and gets signatures on their petition!


Caulipower’s goal was to get people excited about their gluten-free pizza, produce great content for repurposing, and generate signatures for their Caulipower Emoji Petition.


Heartbeat selected a highly targeted group of health-conscious and gluten-free Ambassadors to create word-of-mouth endorsements nationwide, with an extra focus in New York. Each Ambassador was required to purchase a Caulipower pizza in-store and try it out for themselves, which made for great content and authentic recommendations to their friends and followers.


Caulipower saw a major lift in awareness and gained 215 signatures on their Caulipower Emoji Petition, proving that Heartbeat Ambassadors have the ability to mobilize their followers on behalf of the brands they recommend. The content aligned with Caulipower’s overall branding and marketing goals, and they were able to repurpose the content on social ads and other marketing initiatives.


Delivery on Reach Goal


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New Yorker’s are afraid of carbs... but not anymore! @caulipowered is a cauliflower crust which is gluten-free, and has phytonutrients, vitamin K, and omega-3.

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